Hi All!

The Blogger meeting will be held this upcoming Sunday, the 24th of February from 1-4pm SLT at the delightful Sailors Cove estate. I will be your primary host and Ravishal will be the backup. Rav will be working the mic for KONA Radio making announcements and playing the music. The location for the meeting is the Tradewinds Yacht Club located in the south central portion of the Fishers Island sim. Just look for the pink star on your maps 🙂 . We will have plenty of dance balls, games, and faux-food/drink for you to enjoy. But be warned if the party is jammed packed the games may futz out. Dancing and chatting is always a safe bet!

Tymmerie mentioned themes used in past meetings and I think a nautical theme will suit just fine. So put on your pirate gear, naval uniforms, or your Danny Noonan yacht clothes:

Noonan or Smails

Finally we are gonna get wet! No, not the tub full of jello kinda wet (sorry Crap). If you have a sailboat of any kind or a steam powered vessel you are invited to take to the waterways of the Sailors Cove sims and tour the vast 15 sim estate. The grand sail will start at 3pm SLT. If you do not have a boat there are vendors below the yacht club that have free, one hour rentals and of course you can hitch a ride with somebody too. 🙂

Now the rules:

Sailors Cove is a family oriented sim so no nudity, over the top swearing, violence or gun play please! Please avoid trespassing onto private residences. Have fun!
SL Blogger poster
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