Saturday marks the 1 year anniversary of KONA Radio. KONA Radio came to life after the premature demise of East End Radio at the hands of an infamous loser* . Unburdened of its yoke KONA spread to many sims across SL starting of course at Hukilau island and further branching out to places like Fishers Island & Grand Harbor. One thing I’ve neglected to do was set up a website. It was after I began to broadcast Crap Mariner’s 100 Word Stories that Crap gave a little push to do it by suggesting I really aught to have a neat URL to toss out there for the crowds. So here you go! Click the picture to go to my site.

On the front page are links to launch the music, visit my sponsors, a chat widget to talk to me if I am online and a now playing list. There are also pages for a calendar, station blog, paypal donations, and a meebo chat room.


Speaking of new websites, Sailors Cove’s web presence has grown from a couple of blogs and groups to a website that ties them together. Please also visit their site http://www.slsailorscove.com/ to see how they combined all their elements together to form a useful and informative website highlighting the best of SC. To quote the site :

“…the most dynamic and beautiful sims in Second Life. Fifteen sims of low-lag sailing, living and where, for us, Sailing Comes First!
We are owned by sailors, we are managed by sailors, we have genuine concern for sailing – “The best place to sail and live in SL”.”

They also have few estate and owner lots for sale too: http://www.slsailorscove.com/Land.htm

Sailors Cove is also the home to the KONA Radio studios:


* So who’s the loser? Look below the break to see: