January 2008


You’ve seen it all over the grid at concerts, clubs, shopping malls. The text implies a great excitement but the audio is pure droll. Yup, it’s YAY!(yay!). A modest but low key yay followed by a defeated sounding one. It’s not too bad as far as gestures go. I’d rather hear it than that damn howl, woot or hoo. But how did it spread? lets go back to June of 2007………..

It started on the 21st of June at an event at Grizzy’s Cafe when Industria Dowler was showing off some of her gestures. I heard the YAY and had to have it. I took it back with me and began to use it like crazy back at the Sailors Cove estate. Soon people like Cher Harrington and Yxes Delacroix were using it on a constant basis. And from there it grew as the 3 of us and people like Ravishal and Grizzy spread it everywhere they went. Every concert we went to or social event we used it and handed it out. My goodness it is everywhere now. I even heard it at the Last Call sale this past weekend.

So hats off to Hello Toonie for creating one of the more memorable gestures to sweep the grid!


Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy birthday to my sweetheart in RL and SL. Friday was Izabella Bentham’s RL birthday and no, you don’t get to ask how old!
Stillwater Bay Landscaping break

A plan was hatched to give her a surprise birthday party in the Stillwater Bay sim. Kudos to Fanci Beebe, Lucy Basiat, Tasha Kostolany and Jojamela Soon for building the platform and coordinating all the details. Some 600 meters in the air a Mystitool sky platform was rezzed. On this platform was a dance floor, a snack/drink table and a big birthday cake. Now, rumor has it that somebody dressed in a powder blue thong danced on top of the cake. Well I’ve seen no pictures so it can’t be proved (no pictures in Flickr that is).
Happy Birthday Izabella!-2

More pictures after the break (more…)

In Other Words… umm, pictures


See my blog for some face shots I collected this week: http://secondlifeimagery.wordpress.com/2008/01/18/a-few-faces-1/

Hey, maybe you’ll see some more bikini shots!!!
Beach nite at Grizzy's


The 80s aren’t dead, at least not in SL


By the way, anyone notice how World Of SL messes up WordPress blogs? The title of the post is replaced by the file name of the first embedded graphic. That’s why I copy the name of my post and put it at the top of my main body.

In SL you can look however you want to look. And you don’t necessarily have to dress as you would in normal life, past or present. Back in the 80s I was in High School, College, then the US Navy. While I did wear the white (Good Humor) uniform in the summer months I never once gave a thought to wearing a casual suit, much less a white one. The opportunity arose to wear on in SL so I figured, what the hell:
At the Lift

Crockett eat your heart out, and Tubbs never looked so good! Ha Ha, you know the sunglasses and reddish hair do sort of give me a Horatio Caine look, “Mr. H” 😛 .

P.S. Be sure to check out GoSpeed’s blog at: http://secondlifeimagery.wordpress.com/

Tao Takashi hasn’t added it yet to World of SL!!!!!!!!


A certain look

Sometimes in SL an avatar will strike a pose or give you a look that will make you smile 🙂 . I had such a moment earlier today while chatting with Diana Allandale in her shop in Sailors Cove:

Diana the precious

Sigh, so precious :).


Achooo!!!!, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

It looks like the Yak had to wipe it’s nose and a funny bit of tissue got left behind.

Culorz? I haz dem!

GoSpeed is on a bit of a color kick now with her photoblog so I decided to make this post a little picturesque too. OK, maybe I am not the best SL Photographer, or whatever they decide to call it nowadays. The event at Metamorphosis was a bit slow taking off but towards then end it picked up steam and a nice crowd was present. Well nice except for one smarty pants. I approached her and asked, ” C****e, dance?” and she said, “Oh, is that what I am doing now?” Pffft, great, whatever. Oh yeah that was so funny. A simple no thanks would have sufficed. Noticed how no one laughed? Way to score points in front of a crowd with your boss present.

While things were slow I did dance with Katt Milner. I snapped this shot as the sun was setting:
Take my hand

GoSpeed got to work the DJ booth as our gracious host JamesT Juno relaxes at the booth:
GoSpeed has the con

We all lined up for a group shot before the party broke up for the evening:
Group photo


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