Takamura Keiko-2, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

Keiko performed at the Sailors Cove Theater Wednesday night to a crowd of over 100 people. Sadly her stream capacity was only 100 slots. The crowd was well behaved too. Well not much choice since the number of avatars brought the frame rates way down in the 3-4 FPS zone and even lower for those with low end computers.
The show was to be recorded by MTV at Keiko’s RL home and by an inworld film crew. I hope the filmer’s system could capture a lot better frame rates and less grey people than I had.
KONA Radio had some record numbers too peaking at 73 listeners at the time the show started and then 60 listeners after Keiko’s set. Several folks expressed an interest in the station so I hope we get more listeners from this exposure.*

I’d also like to give this opportunity to recognize the awesome work of Izabella and Tasha the estate managers. Jojamela Soon who runs the theaters and to Fanci,Abella,Ravishal,& Delinda for participating in security during the event. All that could have gone wrong did not happen.

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