Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy birthday to my sweetheart in RL and SL. Friday was Izabella Bentham’s RL birthday and no, you don’t get to ask how old!
Stillwater Bay Landscaping break

A plan was hatched to give her a surprise birthday party in the Stillwater Bay sim. Kudos to Fanci Beebe, Lucy Basiat, Tasha Kostolany and Jojamela Soon for building the platform and coordinating all the details. Some 600 meters in the air a Mystitool sky platform was rezzed. On this platform was a dance floor, a snack/drink table and a big birthday cake. Now, rumor has it that somebody dressed in a powder blue thong danced on top of the cake. Well I’ve seen no pictures so it can’t be proved (no pictures in Flickr that is).
Happy Birthday Izabella!-2

More pictures after the break

Hey, what is that pic to the left of Sweet????
Sweet Soderstrom and Uazzo
HB Iza Dance
Thanks to GoSpeed for taking these pictures 🙂 !!!
Dance Line - 2

More pics from the party can be seen here on the Sailors Cove pool.

Or here on a Zooomr picture set.