The 80s aren’t dead, at least not in SL


By the way, anyone notice how World Of SL messes up WordPress blogs? The title of the post is replaced by the file name of the first embedded graphic. That’s why I copy the name of my post and put it at the top of my main body.

In SL you can look however you want to look. And you don’t necessarily have to dress as you would in normal life, past or present. Back in the 80s I was in High School, College, then the US Navy. While I did wear the white (Good Humor) uniform in the summer months I never once gave a thought to wearing a casual suit, much less a white one. The opportunity arose to wear on in SL so I figured, what the hell:
At the Lift

Crockett eat your heart out, and Tubbs never looked so good! Ha Ha, you know the sunglasses and reddish hair do sort of give me a Horatio Caine look, “Mr. H” 😛 .

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