Getting into DJ-ing


Running a radio station is pretty fun and once you get the format and programming figured out it’s easy. Generating income to pay the bills is the only hard part about it. Commercial radio stations in SL are either large entities with deep pockets and many employees or they are flat out pirates that only have to pay streaming fees. I walk the middle ground. I pay my required fees and follow the restrictions on what I can play and when. ( Sorry, no tributes to artist or whole albums at once, Twofer-Tuesdays is the best you’ll get). Since advertising is for bidden unless I pay an extra $200-$300 a year I have to solicit sponsors. Sponsors don’t get as much in return besides an acknowledgement and mention of their name/website. Many do it for the love of music. If people did not like the job I was doing the money would dry up.

To repay their loyalty I’ve started to live DJ events. Now like most people I don’t think much of my own vocal talents or sound of my voice, but you know you have to put yourself out there. Where as a 24/7 automated operation is a piece of cake to run, getting on the mic and interacting with the crowd is another story. Ergonomically I need to fix my station set up. My SL computer is in the middle with two monitors, a 22inch LCD and a 17 CRT. 90 degrees to my left is music computer that streams KONA Radio. I have to physically turn left to use the keyboard, mouse, and view the monitor. The headset cord is long enough to reach me as I look at SL, but I want to see the VU meters so I don’t talk too loud. I really need to set up my V-shaped desk again. Ergonomics aside; working the crowd, talking to the host and working IMs from the crowd can be challenging and stressful. It’s also rewarding too when people compliment your admittedly gravely-froggy voice, your choice of music and when they place nice tips in your jar 🙂 .

Here are some pics from an event last night hosted by , one of my sponsors.
GoSpeed at the Metanorphosis 5 party
LaDonna joins me at the event

I’m now DJ-ing a weekly event at Metamorphosis club every Friday at 2-4pm SLT. Hope to see you there! Ian Bernard (71/48/502)


PS: Whatcha guys think of the new profile pic? Too Richie Cunningham?