Culorz? I haz dem!

GoSpeed is on a bit of a color kick now with her photoblog so I decided to make this post a little picturesque too. OK, maybe I am not the best SL Photographer, or whatever they decide to call it nowadays. The event at Metamorphosis was a bit slow taking off but towards then end it picked up steam and a nice crowd was present. Well nice except for one smarty pants. I approached her and asked, ” C****e, dance?” and she said, “Oh, is that what I am doing now?” Pffft, great, whatever. Oh yeah that was so funny. A simple no thanks would have sufficed. Noticed how no one laughed? Way to score points in front of a crowd with your boss present.

While things were slow I did dance with Katt Milner. I snapped this shot as the sun was setting:
Take my hand

GoSpeed got to work the DJ booth as our gracious host JamesT Juno relaxes at the booth:
GoSpeed has the con

We all lined up for a group shot before the party broke up for the evening:
Group photo