Saturday, January 5th, 2008


Last month I caused a minor stir on the Flickr’s Second Life pool. This is the pool that was featured as a feed on the Linden Labs blog and was an opportunity for Flickr artist to have their screen shots displayed on a high traffic site. The crux of the problem was that blatant nudity, bare breast, genitals and violence was making it onto the feed. Although they claimed to have 8 moderators weeding this stuff out way too many were making it’s way through. I warned them they needed to do more like put up precise rules and gudelines, but they never did. The result is this:
SL pool screenshot

It could have been worse, the whole feed could have been replaced or yanked completely altogether.

Here’s looking at ya!!!
Sailor take warning


Daleks and Starships


Rav wasn’t too happy about the kegger party in his studio last night. Poor boy thought he had to keep the beer from me too. Now HE has to sleep off the hangover from swilling the leftovers! That dear sweet woman Paisley acknowledged her bad deed and cleaned up her mess. (Yes Armchair, the rumors have it that you participated in that mess too!)

At least I thought Paisley was a sweet person! She left a trap for poor ol’ Rav and I found it!!!!

A DALEK!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

My savior must have been right over head as I dematerialized and rematerialized on the Starship Enterprise!
Kirk to the rescue

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