A visit to Edloe or, How I almost got vivisected


I was exploring the sims around Los Arboles today came across Crap Mariner in the Edloe sim. I had landed on the roof of his tower and took the elevator to the ground floor where we met. It was a pleasant conversation but I’ll let you know that you shouldn’t panhandle from him. Bad for the health!
Visiting Crap Mariner

I suddenly got the odd feeling we were being watched!. I cammed around saw a dark figure in the distance, Placing a cursor revealed it was Dick Clark!!!, Wait, he was for sale. It was for sale. OK, it was just a prop for the New Years celebration last night.
Dick Clark is spying on us

Towards the end of our conversation we watched the sun go down and the odd feeling came back again! Ahh, seems I was being sized up for a key! No Thanks, I’ll keep the flesh and bone thank you.!
Sizing me up for a key