December 2007

Twinity – low battery


My invitation to Twinity arrived Friday night and I gave it a test drive. Sadly I couldn’t even start the engine on this promising software at first. On my primary machine which features Windows XP, 1 gig of Ram and an ATI 1600 video card the software crashes before I get to the log in screen. A crash report is sent and they must have at least a dozen of mine by now. I installed it onto my other machine (Windows XP, 512mb ram and a Geforce Ti4200 video card) which is a bit older and had better luck. The program loaded just fine but the big problem was that my avatar was invisible and so was most of the environment. All I saw was trees and sky. Also, a BIG negative as pointed out by others was that during the sign up was that you aren’t told that when you fill in First and Last name that it would be floating over your head in world. Having your real life name  assigned to your avatar is a stop sign for me. If this can’t be fixed then don’t expect a lot of savvy netizens to come here and have their real life name exposed to a bunch of strangers. If they don’t allow us to edit what our world name will be or allow us to re-register for a new “safer” name I doubt I’ll hang out there.There’s no forum and the FAQ has no troubleshooting section. Of course this is a beta and it will be rather glitchy so if it doesn’t work for you then you are probably out of luck until an update is released.

For now I will wait for either an answer to my support queries or an update to the client ( a whopping 124mb).



Stirring the Pot at Flickr


Normally I am an easy going, happy go lucky sort of avatar. Staying out of trouble (mostly), having fun, exploring, yadda yadda yadda… . There are times though when I get restless and want to rattle cages. Sometimes I rattle a bit too hard, but my intent is to make a point and not hurt somebody. This week I really stepped in it and caused a bit of a fuss. As many of you know there is a Flickr SL feed on the Linden Labs Blog. The general Second Life Pool is one of the most visible and heavily used SL photo pools and is prone to abuse. The only posted rule is this :

20 Sep 07 –Remember guys, the Second Life Group is a PG group. No nudity – thanks!

Nothing else, period. As I write this it is still written that way. For the past few months I’ve steadily noticed more racier and some downright nudity on the stream, some shots I saw right on the LL Blog page! A few were removed quickly, but most it seemed simply disappeared deeply into the archives. I decided to do a test and see what would happen. I did a series of pictures using poses where my avatar’s hands covered her breast. I uploaded them and flagged them as unsafe. Flagging them as unsafe will prevent them from being shown to people who opt out of seeing pics in that category. It also filters them out of Flickr feeds. I know for a fact that my RSS reader not show unsafe content on either my Google or Yahoo start pages. The only way you can see my unsafe content is to deliberately access it by lowering your thresholds on the Flickr page.

So, I posted the pics, attributed them as unsafe and submitted them to several SL related pools including the Second Life Pool. The next morning 3 out of the 5 were removed. OK, somebody was on the ball that night. I posted to the discussion forum and asked, well more like demanded somebody post the official standards, the rules, the cotton pickin’ guidelines. Sadly my tone was not the civil tone I normally use and it kinda put off some of the moderators.(Note to self, leave the sarcasm for people who get it.) On a positive note they did list point by point what was a no-go (no pun intended). However, they have failed to make it a public policy. Even with Torley Linden himself weighing in on the subject I don’t think they truly understand what I was trying to get across. While it may be impossible to adequately monitor the stream with 8 people it certainly would be helpful if everyone who posted had access to a full set of comprehensive rules. What may happen eventually is that something offensive will be posted, seen on the SL Blog page and the feed will be yanked, probably never to be returned or replaced by another. I can’t say they weren’t warned.

Below the fold are the pics I submitted to the feed:


HUKILAU Christmas party



It was a cold and snowy night on the otherwise tropical Hukilau island Friday night as friends and residents danced at the Christmas party. I DJ’ed for two hours playing Christmas music and festive tunes. It certainly was nice to again play at a party here at Hukilau after a long absence. KONA Radio was launched here last February and it will always be a home away from home for me.

The new dance from Craig Altman proved to be very popular. The v7 is a very sweet and romantic dance and it shows just how far Craig has come in his line of dance balls. The v6 was excellent and the v7 is superb! The animation is very smooth and much less prone to getting out of sync that the earlier dance balls have had. Here Diana Allandale and I take it through it’s paces:



GoSpeed 2zooomr_fresh_logo_sm_mk3_beta.png

I’ve been an avid Flickr user since May of this year and enjoy sharing my screen shots with other Flickr users and the SL community in general. When I started it was a freebie account limited to 200 pictures, but over the summer Yahoo folded the Yahoo picture albums into Flickr as a consolidation move. A handful of my old Yahoo pictures I had forgotten about where migrated over and I was given a temporary Flickr Pro account. During that time my 100 picture gallery blossomed to over 600! Then in mid November the offer ended and all my pictures over the 200 limit were not viewable to me. The old external web links still worked but I simply could not view them directly. If I didn’t link a picture anywhere on the web It was lost to me. To get access I’d need to cough up $25USD to get a pro account. Well that’s $25 I don’t currently have. Besides, I have all these shots on my hard drive so they are not out of reach. Still I like sharing my shots with others and I want them to see ALL of my shots, not the most 200 recent. A little digging around and I came upon this site, Zooomr . It’s still in beta, but it has a feel similar to Flickr. There are no restrictions on the number of photos / screen shots you can post and there is no censorship per se. Use your common sense on what you post. Being that it is a beta profiles don’t work yet and there are no photo pools. Hopefully those will be addressed soon. My photo stream can be found here: . I’ve started a group there too .

I’ll still be posting to Flickr for the foreseeable future as the community there is so big and well established.


GoSpeed 2

OK so I’ve been bumming around SL being a consumer and supporting content creators all my time in SL. My recent experiments into Flickr and bargain skins have started the creative juices flowing. (Not those juices Robert!). As I’ve written about earlier I began SL as a “white” avatar and eventually settled upon an African/Caribbean look. Dark skins aren’t all too common on the grid and many aren’t done too well. Some are just darkened shade of a caucasian skin and ignore how the light reacts differently on a darker complexion. While my current skin lends itself well to my shape I noticed that other skins didn’t look right. When I picked up a few skins from Eloh Eliot I decided to tweak my shape to fit them. My first Shape using the “Se” skin was an asian shape:

Asian Shape

Not only the face but the body has a smaller tushy and boobs to better reflect the asian build. Click the photo for more details.

More after the cut:



Tagged by Diana Allandale

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1) Former Naval Officer. I served on the USS Wisconsin, BB-64, a WW2 era battleship they brought out of mothballs in the 1980s. I was assigned to the engineering department but loved to be on the bridge while underway. I also spent some time at the Naval Air Station in Keflavik, Iceland before I resigned my commission.

2) Had my first beer last November! No, I’m not a tea totaler or a panty waist. Up til that point I drank all sorts of wines, Champagnes and mixed drinks but never developed a taste for beer. Now I’ve added beer to my menu 🙂 .

3) Snickers bars. Food of the gods. End of story.

4) I could easily be a member of MENSA, but every person I’ve met in that organization has been an ass or maladjusted in relation to normal social interactions. No Thanks.

5) I am extremely loyal to my friends and causes, sometimes to a fault. I’ve been at odds defending somebody I know is not a bad person and conversely I get extremely disappointed when no one comes to defend me from attacks. Perhaps I am naive when I expect people to reciprocate my level of devotion and committment I display towards them. It has been my singlemost source of pain in SL to date.

6) I’ve been called a mentor and a matchmaker by friends. Sometimes I cannot help myself and I go all out to teach something or make someone feel welcome and wanted. That may be the reason my friends list gets so big! I also seem to have this knack for introducing people to other people that lead to successful partnerships and enterprises. This is true for a lot of people. How many do you know in SL that if you did not meet them then you’d certainly not be where you are now?

7) Grudges. I have cordial relations with most everyone in SL. A few relationships have been rocky, but they have evened out in the long run. There are a few a**holes who have gone out of there way to harm me and as far as I am concerned they can just rot in hell as far as I am concerned. I fail to understand how supposed adults can treat each other so callously and without remorse. It is nice to note that in two cases said persons have been hoisted by their own petards and become abject failures in SL, pariahs even. Serves them right.

8) I make maps and various other geospatial datasets for a living.

I’m at a loss as to who I can tag, I’m several days late into this meme so most everyone I am familar with has done it or declined. If you read this and like my blog then please feel like you’ve been tagged by me 🙂 .


GoSpeed 2

Hey Codie, you could IM me or send an email. In any event your blog post was notice enough that I’ve been tagged 😛 .

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

For the record I am fairly private about my personal life (for several reasons <wink>), but I’ll share what I can about SL and RL existence.

1) I am not black in RL. Well why are you “black” in SL? Because I can! I’ve always been attracted to the unusual and uncommon in RL. Why be conventional?

2) Strawberry Champagne, I love it! I’m a soda person and strawberry champagne is the closest alcohol drink. Wine coolers, bah!!!!

3) I love science fiction. Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc… True freedom is in the stars.

4)Rolling thunder is comforting to me. Growing up in the midwest I experienced many a stormy night and the sound of thunder, especially one that rolls on forever is so entrancing and mesmerizing. Hail I can do without , now that I own a car!

5)Everyone on my friends list means something to me. It’s painful when I lose friends. Whether I had to drop a bad egg or I notice a friend has dropped me I feel a sense of loss, abandonment, or disappointment. I try not to make casual friends. If you’re on my friends list it is because I value who you are.

6)Boys, I am not here to get hooked up. OK? Read my profile, I’m happy to be single in SL. That also goes for some of you ladies out there too.

7)I’m a big cut-up. I was all during school and college. In SL I am free to act up, joke and carry on a lot more than RL.

8)I’m such a ham. Look at my Flickr photos. It’s not so much I’m narcissist but I am amazed at what I can do with my avatar in SL. Who needs paints and a canvas when you can compose such works of art in SL?

OK, got my sights set on:

Brandy Rasmuson, Diana Allandale, Jojamela Soon, Micala Lumiere, Kori Travanti, Jacqueline Trudeau, Delinda Dyrssen, & Paisley Beebe

Sunrise at Trudeau Cay -5


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