Whoa! I mean Whoa I say!

A couple of days ago Vint Falken blogged about free skins and textures  made by Eloh Eliot . Well it gets even better my friends! All four skin types are free: Fe,Le,Re, and Le. Each one comes with 32 skin. That’s two types of eyebrows X freckles or not X 8 types of makeup. Add to that black, blonde, brown and red eyebrow skull caps… and a Shape! To work on the skin in RL she provides a link to download the PSD fies to work on them in Photoshop.

If you want to experiment with skins, get these! If you know any female noobs who need help, give them these skins, they are full perm! I predict SL will look a little bit better now :). Say goodbye to the caramel, the sharn and the CS Malibu skins! YAY!(yay!)