Twinity – low battery


My invitation to Twinity arrived Friday night and I gave it a test drive. Sadly I couldn’t even start the engine on this promising software at first. On my primary machine which features Windows XP, 1 gig of Ram and an ATI 1600 video card the software crashes before I get to the log in screen. A crash report is sent and they must have at least a dozen of mine by now. I installed it onto my other machine (Windows XP, 512mb ram and a Geforce Ti4200 video card) which is a bit older and had better luck. The program loaded just fine but the big problem was that my avatar was invisible and so was most of the environment. All I saw was trees and sky. Also, a BIG negative as pointed out by others was that during the sign up was that you aren’t told that when you fill in First and Last name that it would be floating over your head in world. Having your real life name  assigned to your avatar is a stop sign for me. If this can’t be fixed then don’t expect a lot of savvy netizens to come here and have their real life name exposed to a bunch of strangers. If they don’t allow us to edit what our world name will be or allow us to re-register for a new “safer” name I doubt I’ll hang out there.There’s no forum and the FAQ has no troubleshooting section. Of course this is a beta and it will be rather glitchy so if it doesn’t work for you then you are probably out of luck until an update is released.

For now I will wait for either an answer to my support queries or an update to the client ( a whopping 124mb).