Sunday, December 9th, 2007

GoSpeed 2zooomr_fresh_logo_sm_mk3_beta.png

I’ve been an avid Flickr user since May of this year and enjoy sharing my screen shots with other Flickr users and the SL community in general. When I started it was a freebie account limited to 200 pictures, but over the summer Yahoo folded the Yahoo picture albums into Flickr as a consolidation move. A handful of my old Yahoo pictures I had forgotten about where migrated over and I was given a temporary Flickr Pro account. During that time my 100 picture gallery blossomed to over 600! Then in mid November the offer ended and all my pictures over the 200 limit were not viewable to me. The old external web links still worked but I simply could not view them directly. If I didn’t link a picture anywhere on the web It was lost to me. To get access I’d need to cough up $25USD to get a pro account. Well that’s $25 I don’t currently have. Besides, I have all these shots on my hard drive so they are not out of reach. Still I like sharing my shots with others and I want them to see ALL of my shots, not the most 200 recent. A little digging around and I came upon this site, Zooomr . It’s still in beta, but it has a feel similar to Flickr. There are no restrictions on the number of photos / screen shots you can post and there is no censorship per se. Use your common sense on what you post. Being that it is a beta profiles don’t work yet and there are no photo pools. Hopefully those will be addressed soon. My photo stream can be found here: . I’ve started a group there too .

I’ll still be posting to Flickr for the foreseeable future as the community there is so big and well established.



GoSpeed 2

OK so I’ve been bumming around SL being a consumer and supporting content creators all my time in SL. My recent experiments into Flickr and bargain skins have started the creative juices flowing. (Not those juices Robert!). As I’ve written about earlier I began SL as a “white” avatar and eventually settled upon an African/Caribbean look. Dark skins aren’t all too common on the grid and many aren’t done too well. Some are just darkened shade of a caucasian skin and ignore how the light reacts differently on a darker complexion. While my current skin lends itself well to my shape I noticed that other skins didn’t look right. When I picked up a few skins from Eloh Eliot I decided to tweak my shape to fit them. My first Shape using the “Se” skin was an asian shape:

Asian Shape

Not only the face but the body has a smaller tushy and boobs to better reflect the asian build. Click the photo for more details.

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