GoSpeed 2

The other day I had the pleasure to drop in on Saxxon Domela at his new SL venture, Domela Designs in Mowry Bay. Saxx was meeting with Izabella Bentham and setting her up with a Tako “makeover”.


Saxx has been creating custom hulls and interiors for Takos for well over a year and just recently he has opened a new store above his Yacht Club in the Mowry* sim.

Click thumbnails for larger pics


A custom hull set of textures is available for $375L

Custom seats for $75Ldd-5.jpg

Custom cockpit textures for $150L dd-4.jpg

Display trailers for Tako and Trudeau Beach Cats can be had for $100-125L

Saxxon will also accept custom orders and very patient and helpful with customers (especially if you’re a cute female <wink> ) . His store can be found at the SLURL below:



Here’s Izabella and her finished product: