Wow! It has been an eventful week in SL. First of all … Windlight!!!!…. WOWsers! It’s a bit more refined from when we saw it last in June. Sadly there are still issues with it washing out bright colors and details (like avatar skins) and the eyes still light up like the Goa’uld from Stargate SG-1. Eeeekk!!!


Landscapes are just awesome though:
Sailors Cove in Windlight

Some avatars do hold up well in the light like Diana Allandale:
Diana in WIndlight

When Secondlife was behaving it was fun:
Grizzy's period costume party

Now that we have a radio studio, the next logical step for KONA Radio was to get it’s own van for doing remotes. Now this is Rav’s van, the permissions will not let me drive it 😦 . I may have to get my own.
KONA Radio Van portrait 3

(GoSpeed) Can I borrow the van Rav???? Puh-lease!!!

(Ravishal) Hmmm, well the dish makes it 34 prims, so it won’t go even if the script allowed a non-owner to operate it.

(GoSpeed) Rats!!!!

All I know is he better have it insured, Last vehicle he did own crashed onto Paisley’s stage and ran poor Freddie into the water.