Monday, November 12th, 2007

In a rare move I finally got out and about to do some exploring in SL. Being a member of the sailing community I am of course drawn to sims with plenty of water. I spied a 3 sim estate modelled after a resort in Japan and checked out the docks. In the distance I spotted something very familar:


LOL, it was an exact copy of my “Isolated” danger beacon, loosely based on IALA cardinal markers. Here the owners used them to delineate the edge of the sim so sailors won’t go bumping off the ends of the world. I created a full set of those for the Sailors Cove sims and left them as full perm objects that were copyable. Somehow this object had a new creator name, hmm did he copy it exactly? Anyways, I am flattered to see my object being used elsewhere in SL.



SL locked up on me big time and I had to CTRL ALT DEL to get out of the program. Tried logging back in and got the “Something unexpected has gone wrong” popup. Tried the status page and it the SL website will not come up either. If you’re logged in, don’t log out!