Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

 GoSpeed 2

OK, Vint has told me there is no voting. So please do not pester her or Codie. 🙂


GoSpeed 2

Hey everyone! This past Sunday I attended the SL Bloggers party at CodeBastard Redgrave’s place and had a blast with all the attendees. Codie, Zoe, Crap, Looker, Ryker, Dolmere, Roosevelt, Vint, etc…. I tell you, I get such a kick seeing my fellow bloggers hanging loose and having fun. Perhaps the funniest part was watching Crap Mariner explain to Vint Falken his Schroeder & Lucy joke. Some cultural icons don’t always make it across the pond.

We also had a contest too! The contest was to create the best screen shot from the event. Right now I am in the running and you can vote for me up til 31 October. Go to Vint’s site to see the rules and cast your vote.