GoSpeed 2

Wow, sometimes a good time just jumps up and grabs you! It all started when my friend Amanda Steadham informed me that Star Yue, in real life Gerald Brann an Elton John tribute artist , was coming in world to give a short concert for his most loyal fans. For those of you who have never seen or hear Star Yue just let me tell you he is possibly the best Elton John tribute singer. Apart from the fact he lacks a British accent his execution of Elton’s songs are flawless and keep all the original flavor and spirit of his music. Below are some pictures I snapped at the show”

Star Yue 2Amanda Steadham

Star Yue 1

After the show I hurried off to Grizzy Griswold’s 6 month anniversary of his cafe:
Grizzy 6 mos party

Kate Amdahl Showed up with her lovely set of wings and when I switched back to my black skin she joined me 🙂

Kate Amdahl
Kate Amdahl 2