Finally after months of searching and asking I’ve got my Speed Racer uniform. I searched high and low via SL search, exploring Japanese themed sims, and I even asked a few designers if they could make one for me. The breakthrough came when Surfwidow Beaumont set up shop on Fishers Island. She makes a wide range of neat nautical gadgets and clothing accessories. I asked her if she could make a costume and she said no problem. Here’s the results:
Speed Racer Uniform 1
Me with my Speed Racer branded Tako sailboat
Speed Racer Uniform 3
Even came with a helmet!
Speed Racer Uniform 5
Just love it!

Surfwidow is selling the outfit inworld. Check her profile for the store locations. Now, you car designers out there? How about a Mach 5 racing car?

GoSpeed Racer