After a long week in RL I was ready for a break. Sunday evening was a breath of fresh air for me in that I attended two fun events. My friend Diana Allandale was interviewed by Paisley Beebe on her Tonight Live show along with well known musician Slim Warrior and the famous Torley Linden.



L-R : Yxes Delacroix, Paisley Beebe, Torley Linden (in his male AV), Diana Allandale, and Slim Warrior.


After the show I went back to my stomping grounds in Mowry bay to see my old friend Saxxon Domela. This time last year the Mowry Bay Yacht club was a happening place. Every night there was a group of friendly people ready to sail, dance or shoot the breeze. Sadly a bad element with its fetid pink linden hair poisoned the waters and caused many people to leave. Mowry began a very long slump until this June when Saxx gave the place a jump start by opening a sky box club and renovating the clubhouse. Suddenly last night things clicked and the spirit of Mowry came alive again. Saxx tuned in my station KONA Radio and summoned everyone he could to come and join us. It was a hell of a crowd with as many as 16 oldtimers showing up for the festivities.


A big thanks to everyone who showed up last night. I hope we can do it some more!

Oh, and GoSpeed was experimenting with her appearance this weekend. How odd is that, from Afro Caribbean to blonde hair, blue eyed, caucasian:
GoSpeed Blonde and blue