August 2007


Today I added some more music to the KONA Radio playlist that will give it a little kick. Added was several tracks from Billy Squire and Status Quo. Hope you like a bit more rock in your tunes :). Keep the donations coming in. It helps me to add more music to my collection.


Well known Flickrite, CodeBastard Redgrave had a party for Flickr users at her art gallery / club in Strata. It was so cool to see so many familiar names in “person”. People like Melanie Kidd, Stephen Venkman, Mairead Fitzgerald, and even Torrid Midnight. Sorry, I was so bad, only took a couple of pics. I am sure others were snapping away 🙂

And this guy was a bit scary and cool at the same time,

I also Posed for this pic with Rav. We plan on putting it in the Metaverse Messenger soon


Saturday night me and my friend Abella accepted an invitation from Patrick Leavitt to go for a balloon ride. We TP over to Hollywood and sail north to my old stomping grounds SLNE. God it was so depressing. The docks where dozens of Takos used to be moored were empty. The lag was terrible too. The voids used to have 200 free prims for sailing, but that was cut to 75. Yeah, right. How come we bounced off two of them? The error message said there were not enough free prims left. Anyone want to hazard a guess why the Nantucket Yacht Club left SLNE? Nice, you let the void owners jam up their parcels to the brim, screw the sailors. The Nantucket and Mystic sims weren’t any better. Lord knows how many scripts were running and how close the prim counts were to the limits. I didn’t check because I couldn’t see the ground. I had to drop my draw distance down to 64 meters to keep from locking up.

Piece of advice for the sailors out there, stay in Hollywood, don’t go up north, you’ll only run aground on “Prim Reef”.


Fellow Blogger Veyron recently mused about friends list etiquette in SL. Recently a long time friend of mine disappeared from my friends list. Granted she said she dropped a few weeks ago, but I had been rather busy the last few months and so had she. She in fact had taken a hiatus from SL for several months too. Logging in long enough to do her business and log out. At some point she arbitrarily decided that a large portion of her friends list was a waste of space to her so she struck many a name from it to include mine and my partner Izabella. When I discovered her name missing from my list I confronted her. She was rather matter of fact if not flip about her reasons. We hadn’t talked in a couple of months, so I wasn’t worthy of her friends list.  Ok, in normal circumstances I could understand her rationale, but she actually did mean something to me. I was not some casual contact she made one day. We had a long running history of interaction and looking out after each other. I truly believed her to be a close dear friend and that I mattered to her.

You see, we met 13 months ago by chance at Ahern. I took her sailing at Hollywood and it set of a whole series of events and introduced me to so many great people. I also returned the favor and introduced her to people I knew. When she had her traumatic break up with her first SL hubby, me and Izabella were there for her, to hold her hand and comfort her. It really mattered to us that she recovered and felt better. We loved that gal! She claimed that me and Iza were among her 4 most closest friends ever in SL. I believed her, I truly did. I felt the same way about her. I always felt that she had my back and that I had hers. If she ever needed help I’d come running and vice versa. Although we no longer hung out in the same sims all the time we knew what each was up to. Heck we were even invited as guest to her next wedding (she and the new hubby are doing fine still).

So it was quite the shock when I noticed her missing. I asked her what I did and she said nothing, other than us not chatting recently. To me it was a kick in the teeth. It was as if I had been told I was a ZERO, a nobody, someone not even worthy of a slot on her friends list. Right, I got the line about the friggin’ notecard, but seriously, few people use that option. You exchange notecards when you DON’T want to be friends.

So there you go. My unfortunate tale about friends and the friends list. If you are going to remove someone, then you better have a good reason and you should think it through. You may not realize what you mean to that person and vice versa. You could end up burning someone who really was a good friend of your yours.

So I say good riddance to her. If she can throw away 13 months of friendship on a whim, I guess she does not appreciate anything that his been done for her. Nor does she appreciate what she have done for me. Had we not met on 26 June 2006 in Ahern, our past year would have been so radically different.

ravishal-potrait.jpegMy friend Bronia Vanalten had her first REZ day on Monday, July 30th. Hope the party made her feel better after a lousy few weeks…. (Yes Simone, we’ll get to you soon).


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