So you say you are unhappy about where you are. You live on a multiple sim estate and you have a disagreement with the owners. They are enforcing the covenant and you don’t like it. Fine, you sell and move on. Unless of course you are immature and prone to wrecking things you did not build in the first place. What do you do instead? You pout, you bitch and whine. Then you begin a campaign to discredit the owners and/or estate managers. Way to go shithead. All you did was buy some land. Maybe you helped organize events. But somewhere you forgot your place. You did not spend big money to purchase the sims. Nor did you spend hundreds (thousands actually) of hours developing it, marketing it, and running it on a daily basis. You did not abide by the covenant and your actions spoiled everyone else’s enjoyment of the sims. Or maybe you wanted more power to run things, but then demonstrated your incompetence and lack of leadership skills. If you are unahppy, move. STFU and take your 6th grade politics elsewhere. 8,000 plus sims out there for you to play in. Hit the road and don’t let the door hit you on your collective fat asses on the way out.