Sooner or later you just do something stupid. I mean noobie stupid. Paisley Beebe held her weekly show at Sailors Cove with her sidekick Freddie on guitar. Halfway through the show they have a music trivia question (the answer was “Apache by the Shadows). I got it right and Paisley gives me a free gift, a BMW motorcycle. Stupid me rezzes it and sits on it. Next thing I know I am on stage and Freddie goes flying out into the water. Paisley pummels me with a pillow and I make a hasty retreat into the water. Using the Mystitool I rezz a following chair and get Freddie to sit on it. I then bring him back to the stage and set him down. Am I let off the hook? No-o-o-o. Her fans pummel me with pillows, bam clubs and the like. I pull out my trusty SM Skillet and have at it :P. Somehow I survive and live to see another day in SL . YAY!(yay!).


p.s. I was too embarrassed to take a pic. If you where there and took one, send it to me.