Showed up at the SL Blogger party this evening and it was so cool to meet many of my fellow Bloggers. Most of these people I only know via their blogs and meeting them “in the Pixel” was neat. I certainly hope Tao can fix my link so this shows up on WOrld of SL, but according to Jelly it takes him like forever to do that. Sigh. I did snap a few pics to share. Enjoy!

Blogger Party

Crap Mariner

Jelly and Hawks

Top: 1st hour of the party

middle: Crap Mariner as a Cyborg Cop from THX1138

bottom: HawkRawks and JellyBean, our wonderful host

I’d like to give a shout out to Rosie Barthelmess! Way to go girl!!


A video made of the event:

Rosie’s post :