Saturday night me and my friend Abella accepted an invitation from Patrick Leavitt to go for a balloon ride. We TP over to Hollywood and sail north to my old stomping grounds SLNE. God it was so depressing. The docks where dozens of Takos used to be moored were empty. The lag was terrible too. The voids used to have 200 free prims for sailing, but that was cut to 75. Yeah, right. How come we bounced off two of them? The error message said there were not enough free prims left. Anyone want to hazard a guess why the Nantucket Yacht Club left SLNE? Nice, you let the void owners jam up their parcels to the brim, screw the sailors. The Nantucket and Mystic sims weren’t any better. Lord knows how many scripts were running and how close the prim counts were to the limits. I didn’t check because I couldn’t see the ground. I had to drop my draw distance down to 64 meters to keep from locking up.

Piece of advice for the sailors out there, stay in Hollywood, don’t go up north, you’ll only run aground on “Prim Reef”.