Last night’s appearance went fairly well on Paisley’s show, The experience was pretty fascinating to say the least. I TPed in to the studios arriving in the green room, but found myself alone. Hearing voices I went to the hall and took an elevator to the main floor to find Paisley, Yxes, Jaycatt, Frogg and Rena in the studio. We fired up Skype and turned off our SL voice capabilities. We did a quick walkthru and got into position for the show. As I was the first guest I got to sit on the couch first 🙂 .

The interview went pretty well except for the question about my radio experience. If she had asked about broadcasting instead I would have not mentioned Ham Radio and instead mentioned my broadcasting with my low power AM/FM hobby kits. Luckily I didn’t get tounge tied and frustrated like I usually would get in such situations. Only low point was not being able to hear Jaycatt and Frogg. Someone in Skype had their mic open playing the music and it sounded horrible. Had Skype been quiet I could have tuned into the stream directly. Oh well, that’s what the movie is for I guess tonight-live-paisley-beebe-29jul07

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