Sunday night was KONA Radio’s weekly get together in the Sailors Cove sim. As a twist I decided that we would incorporate voice chat into the event. Overall it went “OK” at first, but problems crept up the further we progressed into the evening. At first everyone on voice was rock solid, but as newcomers arrived, they could not log into chat. No matter what they did; re-logging, TP-ing in and out, and crossing the sim boundary back and forth; they simply could not get voice to work for them. If someone crashed out of SL and came back they could not log into voice either. So what gives? Were the voice servers maxed out last night?

Apart from the problems it was a blast hearing people I had only communicated with by text for the last year. It’s true you will say stuff in text you wouldn’t say in voice and vice-versa. A piece of advice for the shy. If you don’t want to speak you don’t have to, but you should use the First Look viewer so you can at least listen in. That way you don’t get left out.