….well not quite there yet, but getting close. Not the Goodness Guiness, but some strawberry champagne!

My friend Sweet Soderstrom is feeling no pain as you can see in the pic. Hey folks, all kidding aside, don’t be “stoopid” and drive while drunk. Boating while drunk is a no-no too!


And while you’re chilling out this holiday tune into the cool sounds of KONA Radio! (There you go Rav, a shamless plug!)

P.S. We’ll have a cool July 4th party at Sailors Cove clubhouse at 9AM SLT.

Fun for everyone at Sailor’s Cove on July 4th!! Tako Races, Fireworks, Dancing, and our very special guest DJ Jester Demina will be spinning some great tunes for us at Beejee Bouchers brand new Port – a – Club. All residents, merchants and friends of Sailors Cove are invited to participate in the planning of this fun event. Donations are welcome if you would like to contribute to this wonderful event. Contact Abella Beck or Beejee Boucher for more information.