GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07

So there I was on a Saturday morning in Sailors Cove, enjoying the view. I saw a few people sailing one of the new ACA 32 racing yachts slide through the channel in the Fishers Island sim. Two green dots in the southern end, hmmmm. I head back to the clubhouse and ALT Zoom my camera to observe them. Two naked noobs, male and female and the guy was “ready for business”. Of course the ordinary way of doing things is to talk to them in IM and if they sass you then you eject and / or ban them. I decided to have a little fun with them! Meanwhile my friend Abella Beck says “Did you see them two?”.

“Yup, sure did!… watch this!”

I rezz Ordinal Malaprop’s beehive launcher and dive into the water. Cautiously I swim, getting within 20 meters of the horny couple. I poke my head above the water, go to mouselook and aim slightly above them.

“Phoink!”…………missed, came up short.

I adjusted the elevation a bit higher.

“Phoink!”….. right between the two!

The bees pop out and swarm over the both of them. It’s a thick particle cloud of angry, buzzing particle bees that blind them! I pop another round to make it last longer…. Heh heh, I zoom in for another look and and they are moving around with the swarms following their every move.

Poof! Poof!… They TP out. Mission accomplished and a good laugh is had by me and Abella :).