May 2007

Ravishal Portrait

Probably the worst week in SL and RL for me in quite a while. Nothing I really care to discuss but it’s dampened my enthusiasm for SL quite a bit, hence the lack of updates. I’m hoping this upcoming week is better. Did have a nice dance with my wife, Izabella Bentham at the Blue Note sim:

Blue Note

We also had a Pirate party at Sailors Cove last Saturday which was pretty fun. Her I am dancing with GoSpeed. Notice how Iza isn’t too happy about that. GoSpeed has a habit of being a rascal at times 😛

GoSpeed the rascal

She also got into a little scrap with a german gal who wasn’t told that the sailboat race was also a combination bumpercars and sea battle. Seems the frauline wanted to file an Abuse Report on GoSpeed, but all was resolved peacefully.


GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07So here it is on a Friday afternoon and I can’t get into SL at all. The sim went down and when I go to log back in I can’t. I see there is only 19,000 people online. Normally it is 30,000 plus. So you know it is really messed up!

Ravishal Portrait

Had the Pleasure to attend a friend’s wedding last night. David Shenzhou and Mariana Stallion were reaffirming their RL wedding vows in SL on thier 11th wedding anniversary. The event was hosted on Hukilau island where a very special  venue was created:


Me, Odin and Kevin up front.

Cutting the cake

David and Mariana Cut the cake.

Throwing the bouquet

Throwing the bouquet.

Big picture

The wedding party (Odin went AWOL) .


GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07

Had the pleasure of posing for photos on Sunday for a product a friend is making. Izabella Bentham is making a set of personal lights that highlight and illuminate an avatar’s uppoer body. These screenshots illustrate how they work on me:

Without lights:
Without personal lights

With Lights :
With Personal Lights
A s you can see they work pretty well, especially if you have a dark complexion. Izabella hopes to have them on sale soon, via SLboutique.

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