Ravishal Portrait

Well, looks like GoSpeed had an interesting week indeed. I get the impression Simone Stern is looking for useful idiots to flog her stuff. And what does she pay? Clothing? It costs her nothing, but yet she gets something from these ladies and gentlemen that they should be paid for.

KONA Radio will be changing policies next week. Not musically, but, how we obtain revenue to fund our costs (Server, Fees, Royalties, music purchase, hardware upgrades/maint.). We will be going away from conventional advertising and adopting “Sponsors”. Gone will be the days when you can advertise products and services. A sponsorship will allow your name or business name to be associated with the station. Typically the name will be something easy to remember and easy to find in SL search or via Google on the net. Look here for more informationas to when the new station launches and how to contact me for sponsorship.