Seems round two was a big joke on all of us. Out of the 90 contestants, all 90 passed. Right. Sounds like the judges didn’t really know what they wanted in the first place. OK, fine. So as we settle in and get ourselves ready to tackle Round 3 we get this Notice from Simone Stern:

You should already be familiar with the work, and have it in your inventory. If you don’t, why are you here? If you’re not a fan of the work of me and cali and hya, why would this event be any more special to you than any OTHER modeling agency?

Again, this is NOT ANY OTHER MODELING AGENCY. You will be MORE than a walking talking landmark dispenser, or you’re in the wrong group. THanks.

Oh Great, now you tell us we have to be your clothes whores to be even worth a damn? I’m sorry you think so poorly of those who don’t purchase your clothing. I have exactly one dress outfit and one shirt from you. You see, I am a basic account and on a budget. I don’t have a lot of Lindens to spread around so I tend to buy less expensive clothing or get freebies. My primary goal in joining up was to broaden my horizons and meet new people. What better way then to join a team that included some of the most successful people in SL fashion. And FYI I do not consider myself a model nor do I go around begging designers for modelling jobs.

So I say they heck with it. I’ll just walk away from it since my intution tells me I’ll be regarded as just pixel meat with no identity of my own.


GoSpeed throws in the towel