GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07

Thursday night a friend told me about a competition to be a model for Simone Stern’s products. I figured what the heck and I signed up. One of the qualifying criteria is to follow instructions explicitly. That meant the entrance form had to be filled out EXACTLY as they specified or you would be disqualified. Having passed that my audition time was set for Saturday night at 6pm SLT.

I arrived at the audition place 30 minutes early and it was already filling up with ladies and a few men. Most were dressed to the nines and had jewlery and AOs attached. When the numbers climbed we were told to take them off (and all unecessary prims). I took off my shoes but darn it if I’ll go bald or use mesh hair! I ran into and old acquaintance of mine, Valena Glushenko, and we talked about how much of a “Goat Rope” this event was. Here’s a list of the stupidity we saw:

Talking when told to be quiet

arguing with the judges

not following directions

moving around, bumping into people after being told to stand still

The judges could have done a much better job in running this event. Some 30 people were scheduled for a 60 minute session. With the awful lag getting people on and off the stage was incredibly difficult. As we approached the second hour, those people started to arrive. When I left there were 90+ people in the sim. This was much bigger than Simone and Mariboy had envisioned. No doubt they’ll do it a different way next time. Oh, I did make it on stage! Exasperated, a judge put a posing stand on the stage and said the first one on the stand is next! Well, a lot of girls clicked and I won out by booting 3 other girls from the stand, sending them flying back into the crowd! They gave me the once over and I told them why I wanted to be a model. Then I got the heck out of there. Oh brother!

P.S. Thanks to Chatnoir Tangerine for loaning me a dress for the event!

Orange Dress