Ravishal Portrait

Probably the worst week in SL and RL for me in quite a while. Nothing I really care to discuss but it’s dampened my enthusiasm for SL quite a bit, hence the lack of updates. I’m hoping this upcoming week is better. Did have a nice dance with my wife, Izabella Bentham at the Blue Note sim:

Blue Note

We also had a Pirate party at Sailors Cove last Saturday which was pretty fun. Her I am dancing with GoSpeed. Notice how Iza isn’t too happy about that. GoSpeed has a habit of being a rascal at times 😛

GoSpeed the rascal

She also got into a little scrap with a german gal who wasn’t told that the sailboat race was also a combination bumpercars and sea battle. Seems the frauline wanted to file an Abuse Report on GoSpeed, but all was resolved peacefully.