GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07 So here I was at Galaxy, a big ole luxury ship 3 sims long. I couldn’t get into Paisley’s show, but did make it in later to hear DJ Skua spin some classic tunes. It is such a lovely place! But that’s not what this entry is about, oh no no no! When I arrived the diamond sploder had $10K Linden in it. Soon it reached over $20K! Well here is where things went wrong. There were up to 100 people in the sim, 78 people paid into the sploder. an 180 second countdown took, oh, abou 70 minutes. Then it “exploded”. Nope, no money was dispensed. Floating text above it indicated it was trying to divvy up the money. Well I waited and waited. 30 minutes went buy and I just gave up. turns out another 30 minutes went buy before it doled out the money.

Ok, so I only put in $20L, but’s the principle. Other folks put in a LOT of money. The management chose to not say a thing. Obviously the high number of prims, scripts and avatar attachemnts bogged the server down terribly. I think a sploder in that environment just will not work. Anyways, was only 20L. If it had been more, well, look out folks!


UPDATE:  Basically the owner of the sploder says tough cookies. Well, McPhenius Swain, I’ll be sure to let my friends know they should not participate in your contest when the sim is packed. Gee whiz, Who can you trust in that sim if anything goes wrong? Yeah, right, blame it all on the Lindens, easy cop out.