Hi! This is GoSpeed Racer!

I’d like to thank Ravishal for giving me space in his Blog. We seem to travel in the same circle of friends so it only seems right we share a blog. So where did I get the name? Well when I signed up I saw the name Racer and Speed imeediately came to mind, but darned if it was already taken. GoSpeed Racer was the next best thing. Didn’t do too much with my account until right before Christmas. At that time I looked like this:

GoSpeed and Diana

That’s me on the right, Diana Allandale is on the left.

As nice as the free “caramel” skin was I wanted something better. So I went to Bare Rose and got this one:
GoSpeed in January 2007

Not too bad, slightly asian I suppose. But I still wanted something different and I began to look around SL. I noticed that avatar’s of “color” were pretty rare. One day I found myself in the Mischief sim and found this nice gem:

GoSpeed Racer

WOW! It sure did make an impact with all my friends, and yes it was pretty unique. Still it’s a bit lacking, the make up is not quite right, I got overly light areas under my eyes and the skin takes a greyish tone at times. Sort of like I had talcum powder sprinkled on me. I just saw a nice skin by Nora Skins on Sonata that I will be checking out real soon.

Well, when I’m not trying new skins I love live music events, especially Bill and Pam Havercamp. I also sail sometimes, but mostly I hang out with my friends. I’d also love to recognize Heath Elvehjem, Kori Travanti, Louis Volare, and Kirsten Corleon. They are truly great and wonderful artist I have had the pleasure to meet in SL.

I’ll have more later… byeeee!!!!!!

As I promised, here is the latest skin for me: Noraskin Espresso!

GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07

So I wonder, what ethnicity does this most look like? African? South Asian, Pacific Islander? North American mix??? LOL