Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Ravishal Portrait

As many of you know I own and operate KONA Radio which streams 24/7 into SL. Server uptime has been pretty good for me so far but you know when they advertise 99.5% uptime then sooner or later you’ll experience that 0.5% downtime at some point. The stream went down for a couple of hours Saturday night. Here is an excerpt from Janie Otis’s status site :


The electricians are now onsite replacing one of the main power breakers, which blew when the center switched back from generator power to mains utility power. The center was running on generator power due to the recent storm weather in Texas.


Jamie has been pretty good about responding to any problems or queries I’ve had in the past. I’d highy recommend him to anyone who shoutcasts in SL.

KONA Radio sailboats

Artwork courtesy Abella Beck


Ravishal Portrait

April 13th, a Friday no less, was Sailors Cove’s first concert and coincidently Gideon Kappler’s first SL performance. Gideon is a 22 year old mathematics student from Germany who has been playing piano since the age of 8. Damn, 1993 was like yesterday. He plays the classics, Bethoven, Chopin, etc… . The show went off really well. Gideon was a real pro who brought his own stream and he had no problems what so ever. Perhaps when he gets more comfortable heGideon Kappler‘ll interact with the audience like many artist in SL does. His manager is Kalliope Thetan if you’d like to book him.

My duty at the show was to ensure the stream URL was set and to provide security at the event. Good to report we had no problems whatsoever. There was one noobie who wandered onto the stage and didn’t respond to IMs. Foolish ole me was going to push her off the stage but the lag only put me into the channel. she was finally ejected (not banned). The sim filled up pretty good. At one point we hit 50 avatars.(Even Louis Volare showed up and gave his encouragement to Gideon). All in all it was a success.

Gideon Kappler